Facilitated Group Retreats

Kavanna House is the perfect place to have a retreat for your group of friends, small group, leadership team, or board. We have several retreat themes to choose from or we can, based on the desires of your group and the purpose of your retreat, design a retreat to meet your needs. 

Retreats facilitated by Kavanna House staff will have a rhythm of brief teaching, silent reflection and group processing. We only facilitate full day retreats, which begin at 9 am and end at 5 pm.  The preferred maximum group size is 8 people.   

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Retreat Topics

Trust, Surrender and Bless "What is"

Do you constantly struggle against “what is,” always wanting it to be different? Do you have difficulty accepting where you are in your life or what you have lost? This retreat will provide tools and time for reflection to notice where God is with you in the midst of your circumstances. It will provide a framework to move toward not only surrendering your will, but also being able to bless the difficulties.

Silence and Solitude - Creating the Interior Life for Spiritual Formation

To be truly intentional about our relationship with God, we need to learn to limit distractions. This retreat will focus on how to control outward distractions and more importantly, how to quiet the thoughts swirling in your head so that you can be fully present to God. We will practice different ways to be “in silence.”

Sabbath Rest

We are all overworked and tired. We don't know how to slow down and rest. Take time...time to rest, time to get away and time to focus on God. We will reflect on what Sabbath really means, not a legalistic list of rules but discovering the freedom of creating unforced rhythms in your life. 


Do you desire to feel loved? Do you know that God loves you and that God delights in you? This retreat day will revolve around reflecting on the reality of you being God's beloved.

Paschal Mystery

Looking at your life through the lens of the paschal mystery, - Good Friday, Easter, the 40 Days, Ascension and Pentecost - you’ll discover how to live fully in the reality of where you find yourself in this present moment.

The Critical Journey*

This retreat is unlike any you’ve been a part of before. Through teaching, self-reflection and group processing, you will take a concentrated look at your own spiritual journey – where you’ve been, where you are and perhaps where you are going – through the lens of The Critical Journey, the seminal work of Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich. We will look at the stages of discovery, assimilation, serving, deconstruction, surrender and ultimately, deep intimacy with God and others.

There will be a maximum of eight people in the retreat because it is our desire for each person to have their own private, restful environment for self-reflection and then to have the time to share their story in the group setting. Each person receives personal attention in this format. 

* This retreat can tend to be an intense experience.  Participants need to be ready to be vulnerable and transparent about difficulties in their spiritual journey.