Adele Seebold ~ Executive Director

Adele serves the organization through administrative and business management oversight. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy and a minor in women's studies from Duke University. For more than 20 years, she held various leadership positions in non-profit organizations in Maryland and Pennsylvania, with the majority of her career spent working in volunteer management. Adele's spiritual journey has been greatly impacted by her learning to live well with bipolar disorder. 

Deb Turnow ~ Founder and Director of The Intimacy Project

Deb is the Founder of Kavanna House and serves as the Director of The Intimacy Project. After some years doing this work in the context of the church, she sensed God's invitation to open Kavanna House. She is a trained spiritual director, graduating from the Spiritual Guidance Program at Shalem Institute. In addition, she received training in the supervision of spiritual directors from the Together in the Mystery program at San Francisco Theological Seminary. She has a Master's Degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership from Spring Arbor University and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from York College. Before beginning her work in spiritual formation, she provided therapy in the York area for survivors of sexual abuse. Because of that work, she is able to offer the unique gift of spiritual direction for those who have experienced sexual abuse.

Roxanne O'Reilly ~ Director of Formational Prayer

Roxanne oversees the Formational Prayer ministry of Kavanna House. She is a trained caregiver in Formational Prayer and a trained Spiritual Director. In addition to coordinating and overseeing the Formational Prayer team, she oversees the annual Formational Prayer Seminar presented by Kavanna House. She has worked in various roles in the nonprofit sector with an emphasis on development for more than 20 years. As a hobby, she loves photographing people.

Kristin Peterman ~ Administrative Assistant

Kristin handles the administrative duties associated with the cohorts, classes, spiritual directors, personal retreats and daily operations at Kavanna House. Prior to joining the staff, Kristin volunteered weekly at Kavanna House for over two years, providing invaluable administrative support to many areas. She is a trained Spiritual Director, a member of the Formational Prayer team and has also facilitated programs on specific practices at Kavanna House.